Treasure Your Talents

Learning about mental health can help you. It’s not all about a trip to the hospital. It’s all about you – though. It’s about your moods, your thoughts, your actions and your imagination. Maybe that’s the part I like about participating in mental health programs. I get to talk about me and think about me, and am around others who also enjoy their friendship with themselves… … I hope you find that this booklet helps you think more positively about your mental health. More importantly, I hope it makes you feel that you are worth it. You are worth the work you put into your health. The progress you make is a wonderful achievement.

Thanks to writers, poets, artists and editors who have generously contributed support to this book.

Quotes from the book:

  • P.13 “Talk to yourself about the things you do well? Do you cook, clean, do crafts, knit, draw pictures, attend groups, make good jokes, write, work on the computer, do mathematics, study physics, play hockey or enjoy going for a coffee? Take time to appreciate these activities.”
  • P.22 “It’s not all easy. Sometimes I struggle too. Sometimes I just need a bandage for all the pain in me and around me. These are my ways to cope. Make one that suits you best.”
  • P.53 “We should call people who struggle with their souls courageous ones full of promise.”

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