Treasure Your Talents

I wrote this third book of poetry hoping to find my own voice and give a space to record some of my own experiences. I was delighted that so many people helped out with some different art work and that sort of thing. Some poems are like part of a journal logging my hours. Some poems are delightful and playful. Still other poems are full of longing and love.

Mark Brown – From the Foreword
Ladies and gentlemen, readers of all ages. Please let me introduce Melanie Knapp: a poet, a puppeteer, a musician, a stirrer of souls. She reminds us of those places in the world and within ourselves that we have forgotten or have been too busy to spend some quite time with. Read her words and listen close for the unwritten words in-between. It is these words that shower some light into those forgotten places.

Pink – Sample Poem One

The best way of showing
The world a smile is with pink.

Just show the whimsical pastel color
By waving it in the air like a banner
That says everyone likes everyone today!

Then love would laugh.
Then love might even giggle.

And I could dream in pink,
Where compliments would be normal
By employers, by teachers, by students.
A compliment day, week, year?
Compliments galore!

Pink buttons would also say think pink!
Stop violence against women and children and men too.
Buttons worn proudly.
Pink could continue to make her statement.

Pink often shows up like an overjoyed diva,
But when she’s on holidays,
Watch for her in water-color pictures
Pink loves you too!

– by Melanie Knapp

Love and the Wind – Sample Poem Two
Inspired by Millicent and the Wind,
Robert Munsch

​The wind and I are friends,
Although the wind might not know it.

​I walk with the wind brushing back my hair.
And it feels like 100 kisses,
Across my face.

​… And when I smile,
She smiles too.
Even though the wind might not know it…

​Only maybe she’s a he… then what?
The wind and I are friends –
Although the wind might not know it.

– by Melanie Knapp

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