Treasure Your Talents

Learning about mental health can help you. Sharing information, feelings and ideas may help you feel better. It may be time to give attention to getting better. This booklet is intended to assist you in your healing.

If you decide to work on getting better or have already been progressing this way you will find many helpful ideas in the booklet. Many people with access to this book have struggled in one way or another. We can learn from a breakdown. It shows us the parts of us that need assistance. It shows where we can build ourselves up. A breakdown can become a breakthrough!

Thanks to writers, poets, artists and editors who have generously contributed support to this book.

Quotes from the book:

  • P.11 “Many people are touched by mental illness and it helps to know that people really do care! There is light shining on through!”
  • P.20 “Maybe you don’t have many people in your life. Just think of some really neat people you haven’t met yet. Don’t miss out on new friends! People probably miss you while you’re away.”
  • P.40 “The future is hard to see. We may need this hospital from time to time. Let’s treat the people and things well and try to create situations that are respectful and kind.”

Price: $15