Treasure Your Talents

These poems from our second book of poetry. Starfish are on the front because life really does matter. You can see purpose in these poems and I feel we have indeed had a chance to speak.

When a boy is walking down the beach he throws the drying starfish in the water but he comes across a girl and she says “you’ll never get all these starfish in the water.”

He picks another one up and throws it in the water. He says, “It matters to that one.”

James Gordon – Songwriter
I have known Melanie for a few years now. I’ve always been inspired by her courage, her spirit, and her sense of humour that manages to shine through when the pain and the struggle of her journey looks like it might get overwhelming. I think you will be inspired too as these poems unfold for you.

I was going to say that I don’t know Marie as well, but after reading her poems, she shares so much of herself that we all get to know her.

Teachers – Sample Poem One

The everyday child –
The child who sneezes, coughs and yawns,
The child who needs a good night kiss,
A hug from her teddy bear.

The everyday child.
The child with jam on her face
As pink as
The love in her heart

Shoelaces that lace the moon,
Buttons that seal a secret treasure,
Love as big as the ocean,
Pride as high as the sky.

Children are curious.
Let them lead.
Where will they take you? Into a dream of grasshoppers
Or flying with butterflies

The everyday child.

– by Melanie Knapp

Teachers – Sample Poem Two

May you treasure teaching.
For you hold the future of humanity
In your thoughts and words.

Those you teach learn from you –
Their mentor,
Their respected elder,
Their source of knowledge,
Their foundation of wisdom.

They are the leaders of tomorrow.
Important creators
Of the future.

You hold the future
In the wisdom you share
With those you teach.

-by Marie Knapp

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