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Welcome to my website! You have gotten to a good place. A place where you can learn new things. This is a place where you can look at some poems or pictures or music or art. You may express feelings like gladness, laughter, joy, sadness, longing, discouragement or hope and a rising above concerns by enjoying artistic expression. You may be inspired to do some things or you may just enjoy what you read. If you like what you read continue to look at this site from time to time…. if it’s not for you just simply leave it for someone else who does enjoy what it has to offer.

The long struggles of winter are coming. With the cold, cool winter comes shivers of lonliness and long restful sleeps. Winter also brings a refreshing outlook with the cool air and a natural seeking of the sunshine. It’s a nice time for a cup of chamomile tea with some soothing honey and a look at some books of poetry. How about ordering my poetry books here at this site or by contacting me at


The red and white candy canes of Christmas

are more delicious with some reading to spend

some time learning and enjoying literature over the holidays.

Enjoy these pieces of writings by clicking on them.

Read more by ordering one of these books for a reasonable price of under twenty dollars.

Scroll down to see more of my writing or click on the words at the top right.

Remember, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas.

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