A Review of Marcella by Book Reviewer Jennifer Prior

Being a woman who is dealing with chronic knee pain and limited energy (heart problems), I was pleased to discover some new ways of  regaining strength and natural healing.  Melanie Knapp’s book, Marcella’s Season of Healing did just that  and also provided an interesting story of love and friendship.  Marcella is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and eventually finds ways to establish a new friendship and appreciate both her experiences of love and the love she sees in others.  So, instead of being a dry textbook, I found an intriguing journey that travels the path to wellness via nutrition, exercise, friendship, exploring and caring for our climate.

Her friends Paulette and Ray add an extra dimension with their offerings of water remedies, specifically rain water … at night.  There is another person, John , who adds an intriguing dimension to the story … a possibility of romance and a very important response to climate change and what we can do about it.  Knowing when to take a stand, when to take baby steps and then bigger steps and knowing when to rest and listen to your body have really helped me to feel more positive in my own daily living.  Thank you, Melanie!

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