A Summer Buttercup Blessing

A Buttercup Blessing


The laughter of sipping raspberry ice tea with ice at a local café.

The freedom of giving a man a nice relaxing back rub

The pretty little lilac flower that visits for a short time


Yellow butter cups light up the day until tomorrow

Purple Lupins shouts ‘Stay brave’

White Daisy yields to yesterday’s precious memories


Dried roses decorate my feminine calls

Stickers of angels dance in my mind

A soothing cup of chamomile tea blesses my body


Courage upon courage

Honey with love in it

Flowers sing ‘Iove you’


There are things like honesty

And little qualities like bravery

And other delights like a peppermint candy in a long church service


The dance of these joys could continue through the seasons?

Will they bring peace in my world?


Pink Ribbons tie up this poem in a nice neat purple package of delicate colours.

Will you see some of the wonders of tomorrow and today and yesterday?


Flowers bring a sense of the natural beauty.

Will they call us to our own genuine gracefulness?


The moon and sun shine on all the earth especially on the flowers.




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