Certificate of Great Achievment

Hello,How are you… I hope things are fine… we have… been able to write and find that much is good here… it is nice to write… and be able talk about a movie that was so close to my heart for a long time. It was a movie about the rain and the snow… and the hail and the winds…. It was a movie about not being so afraid outside in this weather… and finding ways to enjoy romance….. slowly over time together….. with smiles… and happinesses…. and also there has been times… when others were part of it.. in joys and dancings… and talkings… and it has been lovely to think of that over the last three days….

There has been a real bit of a few memories that help me to enjoy the way some places on third ave East near the store there… were able to shine light on me as I picked up that movie… and then we shone light on the move who showed some light to others….. with their movie script….. and acting.. and art.. and music… and dancing..

It was shown in many places in this part of Canada.. and on television many times…

I did some writing many years ago.. where I said the first part of this description and how it would be great to see a movie like this…. and then years later it came along….. I think the story writing I did has received a certificate along with the acting class we had for being part of story creation… for the writings and acting of that movie… with the good intentions.. made very clearly…… I think that the park at Harrison would be so happy to have people involved that have mentioned in this article come and walk and enjoy nature and the hill and the skating and watching the water ripple in the river…. and having some nice gentle foods….. for the light and love… feeling to be rewarded that you gave. There is a feeling of more peace with these certificates.. and I thank the academy for noticing and especially the people… that are close to my heart.. here…. Like Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman of movies about different things.. some very nice ones… and Dustin has won a lifetime achievement award for his roles in acting and Emma has been able to get some food resources for people.


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