Comfort and Care Award

Comfort and Care Award to Dustin Hoffman

An award to follow the award for Judy Duench and Tom Hanks….. for his guidance to people as a member of the academy. It is a joy to remember his movies like Rain Man(Late – older for Dustin) or Rain (Lane- journey for Tom) Rain Man has scenes that show girls and woman how to learn to manage in different states of being brought about by over stimulation. Dustin noticed Gilbert Grape and together we talked about the way that Grape is like Lake, Gilbert and the Guy who likes things like lakes and is smarter but not just off the cuff but from his being and education… even though he talks different, and Johnny shows that Gills… for his stamina and the way there is strength needed and yet admiration and joys for helping people learn about the smartness of the Arnie (darnie) character. He wants to do things and to love and people hold him back too much – so he may say darn a lot. And then there is the other learning to like Awakenings…. when there are people becoming more able to do things. Awakenings is like a poem… partly true and partly a description of learning new things and even learning to smile at one another. In many circumstances I’ve seen people learning new skills continue with their skills that they have been learning. In Awakenings their are scenes that bring new hope and in real life we can watch where that new hope continues on.   Congratulations to the actors, writers and others involved in these movies and it is my hope that Dustin Hoffman be given thoughts and prayers of respect for his part in offering guidance in scenes and movie showing.

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