Different Schedules

Different Schedules,

People are on different schedules and people lighten up when the schedules are needing time to adjust to the new days of the week. New holidays with ideas of the new ways of celebrating in front of them. And the schedule for the week involves not as many visits to dentists doctors… job areas. Counseling appointments coffee meetings, church meetings and community dinners and gatherings of music. This is hard for some people. It’s sad.. it’s lonely and the recreation they loved and the people they enjoyed seeing and learned from and taught in different ways they can not spend time with. It is a feeling for some of disappointment… or at times hopeless…. to think of the next day without that kind of friendly spirit of kindness, greetings and exchange of important information. There are rules of less recreating in many countries. It is not just here that has those rules. We have rules like this here because there has been research showing that the germ does travel around at social gatherings. I think if social gathering are more environmental, caring and thoughtful there would be less concerns of contagiousness.

Less barbecues and more conversational pot lucks. Less beer parties and more arboretum planting and green housing flower growing parties. Less presents wrapt in plastic packages even beautifully and more present reused or home made… or bought from fair trade or from consignment shops.

Perhaps schedules of holidays that include some nice garden vegetables and some prayers of thanks to the environment will be helpful.

Perhaps some animals, pets and local animals getting some prayers in a special way or a bell ringing in a special way or an animal snack in a special way would sustaining for the holidays.

Our schedules are changing because of a world illness. People are changing to adapt to this with caring and intelligence and hopefulness in ways that recognize their neighbourhoods in the way of the trees animals, waters, sun rays, and peoples and regular helping out of one another with kindness.

The neighorhood can help another neighbourhood nearby or across the way like one country can help another country. Not that far away in heart and mind.

One country that helped me through one courageous and incredible message of hope was China where some cures for the illness and information about what the illness is were described in a message sent like the one PRINCESS LEAH gave in Star wars.

There was great Importance in the message and it was heart felt and compelling to listen to and take some actions. It is with a loving and hopeful and peaceful and action oriented… and environmentally aware world with actions and activities.

Regards Melanie

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