Eloctrolyte Rebalancing and Tips for Getting Over Sickness


The drugstore around you in your town or city or your blocks in your neighbourhood… could have some valuable supplies to help you. Let me tell you a couple and you can think of your own as well. How about some shampoo that has a nice scent but not too strong, how about a bar of soap that is herbal or honey or oatmeal, how about a little cough syrup, herbal lozengers, juice candies, your favourite juice, some elctrolyte rebalancing juice like gatorade or something good for you too, or some nice lemon tea to sip slowly over a half hour, or some warm water to sip slowly over a half hour, or a few nuts like walnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts each day for some protein and strength. I often like to say for people that a promise to nature or God or yourself or a friend for when you feel better to something very good.. is helpful. I often like to say for people that a plan to do something good for yourself… when you feel better… is great like buying a plant with flowers.. to water and watch grow each day or a vine that you water… and it sits in the sun or shade. Regards…. and good luck with this.


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