Leaping Lizards I’m alive is what Annie says

Times are hard in the broncs, Says Egbert

The rent is high and the funds are low….. says that old quote you often here

And the sun rays shine anyways down to earth to let us know Heaven exists

And Heaven on earth exists, says Tala

The story is this, “One day there was a girl Annie from school that wanted a lizard. She hunted this way and than because in Florida there were many on this wall or that wall and on this flower pot or that flower pot.”

Well what happened how did she find a lizard if she wasn’t in Florida, Says Egbert

Just listen says Tala! “She goes to the store over beside some helping organizations and they have a long variety of gem art and clothing and she sees in a corner pile three interesting things.”

“Then what happened”, Says Egbert sitting forward and looking with big eyes… with hands dangling and open palms.

Listen to this!” The lizard I picked was sitting on a log and she wrapped him up in shiny silk paper and I talked to eat to reassure it as I was leaving the store. So long all those frilly tops”

“Oh….. cool!”, Says Egbert..”Was it alive.”

“Not in the eating and breathing way but in the spirit way.”

Please note: We care about the Galapagos and are not saying lizards should be in spirit instead of eating and breathing lizards. But here in Canada where we don’t have eating and breathing lizards besides little five inch nutes that are accostomed to this area it has been nice to have the lizard I picked out that was sitting on a log here.

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