I reccomend A General Sense Of Love

Dear Virgin Mobile Phone Service.

I want people to know that Bell may have a branch of their business that co-operates with Vrigin Mobile. Bell is somewhere my grandparents and dad worked at a little bit. I remember some nice things about Bell. Sitting talking to friends… in an easy going way.

Thomas Edison came up with the lightbulb. I visited that place in Florida.. quite a big place with nice rooms and yards. And Alexandra Graham Bell came up with the telephone and I visited that place. I think it was out East In Canada. Quite a lot of work and areas to figure some things out about communication by phone.  Quite charming pictures of these inventors.

I want to appreciate the way Virgin mobile has such spirited… ways of conversing with their customers. They have such fun sometimes with a general sense of love and a more hint towards romance of love. I like how there are options to win things I just wish they would be more easily available to call with a number or contact for questions and for getting your own contest number to enter.

There is a virgin mobile office at the Heritage Mall. They are friendly and once I was there singing and having some fun as I got a new phone. It was exciting to feel like a star in the mall because I had written some books.

I will try and have some of my authored books about talents and the environment available at Summerfolk in the general store and at the Reach Centre School.

I want you to know that doing things a bit differently is such a great thing in our society and I want to compliment Virgin on doing things just a little bit differently with having some treating customers like people who like to think about or talk about love in different sense of the word from families, to guy friends, to gal friends, to youth with some friends to smile at or talk with flirting, to adults and seniors who need to say hello to their loved ones.

I reccommend Virgin to people who like this kind of general sense of love.   From Melanie Knapp

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