It’s Almost Summer.

It looked like mental health was going to simmer for a while for me. Look out! I was able to feel inspired once again. We had a wonderful Coffee House talent show at the hospital with over six hundred viewers so far.

It was filmed by Rogers, channel 53. Staff at the hospital did much of the organizing in a couple of weeks. It was different for me as I have been a lead volunteer and started the show seven years ago but this meant I was able to use my talent on the piano. I was fortunate to play two songs for the show. I played Heart music and Love Twinkles Softly. I gently composed these songs. Other music and song were delightful to hear. The speeches and poems were awesome. We had to keep at a distance from each other due to the cautious health situation but the spirit of happiness was there and rose as the show progressed. I was further inspired by Gavan Menzies with his design efforts in putting our Recovery Book together for the poetry writing class at Community Connection. We both worked very hard to put the book together in a way that would be pleasing for the reader and those with their important writings in the book. What is this recovery book? It is a book of poetry with and a great introduction by many people involved with beneficial mental health workings. It is real and honest and uplifting. It is called ‘Recovery Starts Now’. But you should see for yourself what you think? The Recovery books will be available for reading around this Grey Bruce community. As you get used to things in a different way with this cautious health situation you may want to write a poem of your own. Poems are sweet, feeling, and uplifting. Poems are real, honest, and descriptive. Poems are personal, philosophical, and complex. They can be four lines or 20 lines. They can rhyme or not. They can have patterns or not. Poetry brings people to the gentle daydreams of life. As I read about recently, even the silence after a poem is one of awe.

Here is a poem from our new poetry book:


The drops of rain
Fall from the sky
Mesmerizing my busy mind
I know it’s time to love again.

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