Leonardo Dicaprio wins Comfort and Care Award… for His One Branch of Work Putting Environment Photos Considerately to View

Here is Weaver’s Creek falls… It is a falls that some know as a romantic place in nature… just 500 feet away from the main path that swoops around the park where people can see swans and other animals… quite easily. It is a place that Leonardo Dicaprio would really like and so I find it good to show this picture in the respect for his work with nature photos and the viewing of which people have from their homes. The water here comes from up stream in some grasses and farm lands and garden areas… near some Indigenous territories… of land and waters… from Lake Huron. I’ve seen various plant life here, animals and hikers, families, couples all local or travelers and many children too. To do something for the falls when you visit you could leave a stone, you could leave a flower, you could leave a song. Regards Comfort and Care. Melanie Knapp… To look at some of the work of Leonardo Dicaprio and his photos of nature on the internet… you might have to be patient and find some of his photos in the newsfeed, or at his web-site or at his pages. Not all of his nature photos are about this presentation some show the need for help for the peoples, the animals and the environment. You can help by inviting some peoples, animals and polite walking and exploring  in the environment to areas of land near you

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