Marcella and The Season of Healing For Many and Excerpt which is a part of the book for you to read and enjoy. by MElANIE KNAPP

Ray describes an experience he has had with water. He talks about how when he was in his teems he went to Mexico and on a hike he went on there was a beautiful secret water fall. they stepped into the falls to cool off and could hear the greatness of the roar as he stood under the falls. the roar was like a soothing gentle spiritual sound of depth and grandness. It helped him clear his mind and bring forth a feeling of expansion.

Paulette described a babbling brook that was near her place growing up She would often get to the book and roll up her pant legs and walk through the brook trying not to be touched by the array of water-life. The feeling of cold rushing water on her feet in the hot sweltering summer heat was heavenly.

Sharing the water memories was really special. It’s nice to get to know people and fin out some of the very special experiences they have had. Marcella is particularly touched and finds that tears start pouring down her face. Are Paulette and Ray like some baby birds that have grown up and are flying back home to visit her?

As the tears of happiness flow down Paulette’s face. Paulette says “don’t worry it’s just more water”. Marcella laughs from her gut and they are all together laughing and crying and hoping that Marcella with finally feel better soon.

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