Marcella’s Season of Healing, A New book By Author Melanie Knapp

I have written a whymsical book called Marcellas Season of Healing. It’s about a woman who doesn’t know why she’s so tired…. but as the audience gets to know her we can relate to some of the reason she’s tired and feel compassion for other reasons she is tired.

A bunch of climatology students…. are studying Amethysts.. and lightning… and graphing the weather to come up with some ways to steady the climate and to help it be within normal ranges which helps animals and peoples to feel more calm, relaxed and happier. And especially not to have panic feelings.

Two of these students Raymond and Pauletta… meet and enjoy talking and smiling with eachother… as there poetry of love enhances the story and makes finding out about the climate more fun.

The two students make friends with Marcella and they all learn and have great memories and think of there spiritual connections to water. Water is such a resource for them of enjoyment and sustenance. From a bird path, to a pond, to a waterfall, to a creek to water healing remedies.

Finally water becomes a way for true healing to happen and renewed energy from the fatigue Marcella has felt…. As they finish when the two students bring their teacher to hike together with Marcella to a waterfall.

This book can be ordered by e-mailing me at… There will be a launch in three months time. It is twenty dollars plus a few dollars for the mailing of it.. usually around five dollars. I like sending things in the mail. The post office is only a block or two away from me. I can recieve money in the mail for the purchase. I would love some people who like the environment in gentle ways to read the book. Thank you. MELANIE KNAPP

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