New York Peoples Need A Little To Eat Says Comfort and Care Group

After the winds of blown so fierce they may want to eat….. but it’s the people that need to eat….. the winds can know this…. a number of times each day.  The people can know this too.

For people

  1. A little sugar in water
  2. A little cinnamon in water
  3. A little mint in water
  4. Something you are saving that you really like… it may be time to have it now.
  5. A pot of some extras around … like macaroni, tomatoe sauce, some oregano, some beans, some parsley, some salt.
  6. A spoonful of juice in a big glass of water.
  7. A tea bag reused five times.
  8. A tea bag in warm water…. and then in a cool juice jug with ice and cold water. It’s good.
  9. Oatmeal – oats and water…. boil and then on low – add different spices or fruits like porridge and rice pudding cooked and then simmer with ingredients. – rice with a little cinnamon and milk and a spoon of sugar, a few nuts, a few raisins, nutmeg… some lemon rind (you can make with a few of these ingredients – depends what you have. )
  10. Thinks of your own simple but good thing to eat for now. Maybe add a little salt.
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