Dear Women Visiting hospital

Dear Women Visiting hospital,

Women of work experiences… women of hobbies…. Women of traveling experiences…. Women of quiet activites like reading and celebrating birthdays.

It is quite good to talk amongst women sometimes. A couple times a month.. .it’s nice to just be in the presence of women for awhile.

It is gentling to think of something in nature that the feminine parts of your body find to be gentle and nurturing. It’s good to think of this also a couple times a month.

It is nice to have some nice things for your woman self. A cup of tea, a muti vitamin every five days for a woman, a nice lotion on your hands and on your arms.

It’s good to prepare for things your womanly body needs. It’s good to get some things for the periods when they come. It’s good to thank yourself for looking after that kind of thing. It’s good to brush your teeth and look after that kind of thing. It’s good to brush your hair and look after that kind of thing.

For getting things. Ask a nurse. Any nurse if you need to. One that seems supportive if you are able to do that. Ask for some sanitary napkins or pads for periods, ask for some headache relief and cramp relief like a Tylenol, ask for some lotion for your hands and arms, ask for some warm tea in the morning.

For purchasing things. Ask for five dollars.. or ten dollars and go to the gift store… and get some of the things your womanly self needs. Purchase… them and set them up in your space, room or area in a nice way or in a cupboard. Keep them neat each day. Keep yourself neat. Your have value as a woman.

Some time each month with a simper diet for a few days will be helpful… it can give you some time to regenerate. Some time with soups, and with warm waters, and with vegetables and mushy proteins that digest easy. Some time with simple songs to sing. And simple nice things to look at. Some nice feelings of wind. Some nice feelings of branches blowing.

It’s good to be a woman at times. These good times are good for us.


Miss Melanie Knapp, Patient Advocate and writer.


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