The Golden Animal: It’s a Pet Therapy Helping Story

The Golden Animal

By Melanie Knapp

The dog was golden with happy eyes. I didn’t feel comfortable with dogs but I didn’t have much choice. The rooming house I desperately wanted to live in had a dog.

I took a gigantic breath and my lips were trembling as I agreed to live in the rooming house with the dog. It was really hard to find a nice place for a low amount of rent. This house was decorated so nicely with peacock pictures everywhere. I wanted to live in such a funky place.

At first living there was new and exciting. I just had to dodge the dog when I came in and out of my room. I cooked some great foods like vegetarian lasagna and scallop potatoes.

After a while, I started putting my hand on the dog’s head when I passed it, saying ‘good dog, good dog’. I was desperately hoping it was a good dog. I was feverishly hoping for good behavior from the dog.

Then something changed; I got used to the dog. His name was Cedar-a beautiful name for a wonderful dog. I started coming downstairs early when I was leaving just to sit with him and pet his golden coat.

My favourite memory is of Cedar rescuing me from a difficult day; I was lying on my bed and I was cold and tired. He climbed onto the bed and lay beside me. At one point we had our bodies stretched out back to back. I stopped shivering and warmed up. This moment touched my heart.

I left Cedar with the friendly owner of the house when I moved out. Her name was Emily and she taught me a lot about having my own home. But Cedar had kept me company and became a great friend. I was surprised to have a dog as a friend.

Later I would see Emily out and about with Cedar. I always stopped to say hello. He wagged his tail and came right up to me each time. I am thankful to Cedar for being great company and a good friend.

A Gorgeous Dream

By Melanie Knapp

I was sort of sad, a little lonely and very tired. I had been staying in my place for a long time. I lived in a nice one bedroom place on the third floor of a house.

I didn’t even have people over for meals anymore. I just used my place to rest and work and listen to music. I rested on my bed, and worked at my computer writing, and had an inexpensive stereo to listen to music like Abba and Stevie Nicks on.

My place was getting a little boring; day after day with my own company, day after day with my own cooking, and day after day with my own thoughts. I would remind myself that it was unusual to have so much time to myself, so in a way I was lucky. But I didn’t feel lucky.

Something happened to break the monotony; I went to sleep that night and had a magical dream. They say sometimes that dreams can balance emotion. I dreamt I was standing with a friend. He was tall and gorgeous and then suddenly we were kissing. It was a tender and gentle kiss. It lasted for awhile. I felt lucky and cared about.

I woke up sort of amazed that I had dreamt that dream. Yes that dream made me feel a lot better. Not so sad, not so lonely and not even tired. If dreams can tell the future maybe I’ll kiss a nice friend sort of like that one day.

In any case it was a tender moment that I am grateful for.


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