The Inspiration Before Time Was Up

Inspired Before Time Was Up

By Melanie Knapp

Since I was young I have had a scary dream; it includes a sort of target with numbers in the middle. The image got closer and closer to my face as the numbers went down. I didn’t want the numbers to go down. I usually woke up when it got to the number four.

I have looked at that dream and realized my job is to make things a little better around me with forgiveness, teaching, apologies, and creativity.

When things get better in the community, in nature, and within, the numbers go up. Helping people get food, housing, and boosting their confidence, along with praying for people, raising awareness for the environment, and appreciating nature can also have an impact. Good movies, art, and books help the numbers rise, along with philanthropy and compassion.

I’ve never seen the numbers go below three; when it gets that low I get very nervous, anxious, and upset. When there is tragedy in the world the numbers go down. It’s hard to know what to do when the numbers go down. Sometimes I just try to get people to look at good news. Sometimes I have to talk to a counsellor to feel better myself.

The numbers inspire me to really put my work forward to make things around me better. Lately the numbers are around 5 or 6. This is high for the numbers to even get there. It takes a lot to make things significantly better. They might even be at a 7 right now.

It seems the world could be a better place to live. It feels good to notice the good things happening and to enjoy the expression of joy around me. Lately I realize other people can help the numbers go up.

It is lovely that I was able to face the metaphor and healing that this image could bring without getting too upset by the scary feelings. I think I can continue to grow and develop as I look at this image later in my life. It has already evoked a lot of wisdom from my spirit about making the world a better place.

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