The Dear In The Morning

The rolling mists hum a tune to itself as
It sits on the fields blocking the way for clear sight,
Surprisingly, through the fog I see deer
They mutter about the blue jays, chickadees and the hummingbird.
Reaching out through their spirits, they fill their neighborhood with politeness
And the birds listen intently hoping to gain some elegant manners.

They chat on about the way some creatures can be
Especially genuine in their nice approach.

The deer want the neighborhood to feel a little better
As a home for animal friends.
Especially when they connect with the people creatures
And make rainbow bridges glittered with sunlight
Enhancing the happiness between species in the area.

The rolling mists make way for morning sunshine
The fields look crisp and golden in the light
The deer notice my presence and move on
Into the safety of the forest
Perhaps they will return one day, we just don’t know.

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