Welcome from where you were. Welcome from another site. Welcome from your daily life of stresses and joys. You have reached the web-site of Melanie Knapp and her heartfelt writings. Not only is she a writer but she is a teacher. Not only is she a teacher but you can buy her books right here on this very web-site.

This site involves a variety of writings. Some are poems that enhance mental health. They may require you to do a little bit of work to feel, and read and think and reflect. Some other writings are stories. They may require you to do a little bit of work to feel, and read and laugh and smile. Some other writings are more information related links to articles or books. They may require you to enjoy, and read and purchase and smile.

The books I have that are here for sale have been written with great joys and effort over many years. The books promise to give valuable information and enjoyment in pleasant ways of design and delivery.

I like to write about nature, animals and conservation. I love to share many ideas and much wisdom as well as humour and touching moments as I write. It is nice to juggle these balls in the writing and bounce from one way of presenting ideas to another.

I appreciate that you may not understand all I’ve written about. Maybe you a line will catch your attention or a few words will give you insight. Maybe you will come back to this web-site at a different time to see what you can understand later on.

Some of the ideas that are important for me to write about are loss, comfort and care, love and relationships, love of family and friends, love of pets, love of the sky, love of the things that are important and love using the imagination. I also like to present ideas about vegetarianism, environmentalism, experiential learning, activities to foster co-operation in children, community caring and musical talents.

There are some things about love that people don’t share. People don’t share some of their losses. People don’t share some of their joys.

With this web-site I am trying to teach you some things. I am trying to provide some stress release with my writing. I am trying to sell some books to you. I am inspiring you to pay some kindness forward. I have worked in many difficult but purposeful jobs. I have volunteered in various settings to give comfort, leadership and to lead change that benefits others. I think I have some things to share if you are willing to listen.

Things you can do while here:
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7. Cheer up, feel more hope and smile more!!!